HV Series

————— Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuums —————

HV Series

Industrial Vacuum Loader

The GapVax HV Series Industrial Vacuum Loader is the industry's most advanced vacuum truck. These wet-dry vacuum units are versatile, rugged, and reliable and are great in power plants, bridge cleaning, and hundreds of other industrial applications. The HV-57 Air Mover is our original product.

  • Hazardous material removal
  • Cement, lime, mineral, and other bulk products
  • Food processing and grain elevator cleaning
  • Machinery maintenance (i.e. oil and grease pumps, track equipment, turbine maintenance, and removal of product build-up such as sand, scale, or debris)
  • The marine and mining industries
  • Oil fields and refineries
  • Paint restoration and total containment systems
  • Non-sparking vacuum systems
  • Tank cleaning
  • Steel mills
  • Spill response
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Roof maintenance and replacements
  • Power generation applications (coal, nuclear, hydro-electric, and wind/other alternative sources)
  • Railroad applications and more!

GapVax vacuum trucks are renowned for their highly efficient filtration, low baghouse maintenance costs, and long filter-bag service life. With proper service, a GapVax truck can normally operate 1,500 to 2,000 hours before requiring a change of filter bags. Since filtration/blower maintenance is the single greatest expense of a wet/dry vacuum truck, superior filtration immediately lowers operating costs. Another benefit of the GapVax filtration system is more efficient loading and lower fuel consumption costs because clogged filter bags slow down loading and can cause excessive fuel consumption. Lastly, GapVax filtration is single mode, meaning there is no changeover required to go from wet mode to dry mode.

Simply put, the best filtration is the filtration that reduces dry carryover into the baghouse (and completely eliminates wet carryover). On a GapVax, many design elements work together to acheive this result. The whole truck was designed from the ground up to minimize carryover into the baghouse. Let's take a look at how that works:

No truck on the market today filters dry material as efficiently as a GapVax. The combined function of top loading, the baffle plate, the long tank, and cyclones prove unmatched filtration performance. Our proven design originated in power plant service vacuuming fly ash. Today, the GapVax provides excellent service in the widest operational envelope for wet and dry applications, while keeping filter and blower maintenance costs to a minimum.

  • Noise and vibration dampening mounts on blower and transfer case
  • 12" Stainless steel liquid shutoff float ball
  • Easy decon cyclone system
  • High efficiency, low maintenance, all steel air duct construction with cleanout access
  • 20" Body access manway
  • Debris body semi-circular material baffle with surge bar
  • "Sure Seal" stainless steel sealing rod on tailgate and dump chutes
  • Field adjustable baghouse doors, easy-open, no power assist required
  • Full bearing body pivot pin
  • Blower hours meter and temperature gauge
  • Custom engineered, stainless steel, vee-wire safety screen (600 micron)
  • Top loading debris body inlet; long life design resists abrasion
  • Porthose rotation flange
  • Heavy-duty rear mounted 8" porthose with ground level connection
  • All cleanouts are adjustable
  • Three (3) Tie-off points on top of body, 6' apart
  • 50 Gallon Hydraulic oil tank
  • Heavy-duty electric vibrator with thermal overload protection
  • Super heavy-duty rear splash plate
  • Two adjustable sealed-beam worklights on tailgate
  • Body and tailgate safety props
  • Full length aluminum fenders
  • Vacuum Pumps up to 6,600 CFM
  • Stainless steel debris tank
  • Safety/remote vacuum relief system
  • Vulkan vibration dampener on vacuum pump
  • Vacuum loading boom 18', 22' or 25' reach from center of truck
  • Reinforced boom elbow
  • Tailgate splash shield
  • Liquid load indicator
  • Decant valve
  • Heavy-duty grounding cable
  • Toolboxes available in painted steel, aluminum, or polished stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty pintle plate tow options
  • Tube trays: galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Auxiliary lift axles
  • Patented auger unloading system
  • Blow off system
  • Sound enclosure system
  • Sludge pump offload system
  • Wireless remote or pendant remote for vac relief valve throttle control
  • Hydraulic vibrator upgrade
  • Additional worklights
  • LED lighting strobe or LED beacon flashers, arrow lights, cab bar light
  • Stainless steel light box upgrade
  • Interior polymer coating in debris tank and filtration system
  • Hi-Rail transportation system


HV-Series Configurator

Customize Your Own GapVax Industrial Vacuum
Body Options

You probably don't need coating with a stainless steel tank

Offload Options

High Dump System is only available with a 17 cubic yard debris tank

Includes 25' of flat lay hose

Mounted on at 6 o'clock Rear Door

Decant valves are located half way up the tailgate; drain valves are located at the bottom

Mounted at 9 o'clock on Rear Door

A wet/dry pneumatic conveyance system; includes chassis sub-frame

Auxiliary vane pump with 4-way valve for vacuum or pressure

Designed for offloading dry material

Boom Options

Boom size depends on combination selected

Sound Options

Highly Recommended

Lighting Options

Super LED flashers are spaced around the truck

Storage Options

Tube trays replace the fenders and require a sub-frme for clearance

Chassis Options

Allows the truck to be mounted on railroad tracks

Gauges & Electronics Options
Paint Options

Upcharge for metallic paint

Upcharge for metallic paint

Upcharge for metallic paint

Cabs are white by default. Customer supplied chassis may not need painted

Additional Requirements

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