VHE Series

————— Wet Only Hydro Excavator —————

VHE Series

Hydro Excavator

The GapVax VHE Series is a wet-only hydro excavator custom-built with our unitized water and debris tank with double sub-frame. The VHE's filtration is complete with a top loading debris tank, debris body baffle, 12" stainless steel floatball shutoff, centrifugal cyclone separator. The debris tank is made from 3/16" ASTM A572 Grade 50 exten steel and offers a 4-15 cubic yard collector body. The water tank is made of 3/16" stainless steel and allows for a 500-1,200 gallon capacity.

  • Positive displacement vacuum pump; 3,500 CFM @ 16" Hg
  • Specially designed ultra-quite discharge silencer
  • Transfer case rated at 500 HP; 15, 500 ft-lb. torque with air-shift
  • One cyclone with a fully opening top door with removable vortex finder
  • Custom-engineered, washable, stainless steel vee wire filter (600 micron) Safety Screen
  • Fully opening tailgate door with field-adjustable hinge and dual cylinders
  • Four fail safe tailgate locks, individually adjustable, that assure a complete seal
  • Heavy duty, double acting single lift cylinder provides a stable, 50° dump angle for dumping payload
  • 8' Front mounted, telescopic boom with twin lift cylinders and 26' reach
  • 6 GPM/2,500 PSI Water pump

  • Noise and vibration dampening mounts on blower and transfer case
  • High efficiency, low maintenance, all steel air duct construction with cleanout access
  • "Sure Seal" stainless steel sealing rod on tailgate and dump chutes
  • Full bearing body pivot pin
  • 6" Vacuum relief
  • Side mounted hose reel: 1/2" x 50'
  • Adjustable water pressure regulator
  • 3" Water fill ine with anti-siphon and 2-1/2" fire hose fitting
  • Curbside water level sight tube
  • Low point water drains
  • Curbside control box (Includes blower hour meter, water, vacuum and hydraulic pressure gauges, joystick boom control, engine tach, throttle control, vacuum releif control)
  • Load sense body hydarulic system
  • Easy access hydraulic controls
  • 65 Gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • Easy access galvanized steel tube trays
  • D.O.T. rear bumper
  • Body and tailgate safety props
  • Vacuum Pumps up to 6,600 CFM
  • Water pump up to 40 GPM
  • Water pressure up to 5,800 PSI
  • Water fill filter
  • 1/4" Stainless steel tank upgrade
  • Heated cabinets for pump and hose reel
  • Water heater - 440,000 BTU
  • Water recirculation system
  • Glycol injection system
  • Rear mounted boom
  • Pump-off system
  • Warning lights
  • Worklights
  • Toolboxes available in painted steel, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Polished stainless steel tube trays
  • Heavy duty rear splash plate
  • Low water level indicator
  • Boom remote lube manifold
  • Wireless remote or pendant for vac relief valve and throttle control
  • Tailgate mounted tube rack
  • Decant Valve
  • Debris Body Vibrator
  • Hydraulic Tool Circuit
  • Interior Polymer Coating
  • Auxiliary Axle available on select models
  • Hi-Rail transportation system
  • Additional options available upon request


VHE-Series Configurator

Customize Your Own GapVax MC

1510 is our most popular double axle, 1007 is our most popular single axle

Debris Tank
Water Tank

VHE chassis come with automatic transmissions

Body Options

You probably don't need coating with a stainless steel tank

Water Options

Includes glycol injection, water recirculation, heated cabinets, and more

Offload Options

Includes 25' of flat lay hose

Mounted on at 6 o'clock Rear Door

Decant valves are located half way up the tailgate; drain valves are located at the bottom

Mounted at 9 o'clock on Rear Door

Located on rear bumper

Boom Options
Lighting Options

Super LED flashers are spaced around the truck

Storage Options
Gauges & Electronics Options
Paint Options

Upcharge for metallic paint

Upcharge for metallic paint

Upcharge for metallic paint

Cabs are white by default. Customer supplied chassis may not need painted

Additional Requirements

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