Larry Frankford Jr., East Lampeter Township

I feel the need to send you a letter in regards to our recent purchase of our 1210 Combination Unit.

First and foremost, I want you to know that I feel the quality of units that your company builds is of the utmost quality and craftsmanship that I have seen to date. You have a very talented work force, I can tell by the quality of your Welds, Paint, Electrical, etc. The units that you build are very practical, user friendly, and reliable. I have had a very pleasant experience from the start of the design process to the delivery of our unit.

I know that the first day I met you in your conference room I would have never guessed that you were the owner of the company. I feel that that's a great thing. You looked like you were working out in the shop with the rest of the guys and I feel that you get respect out of your employees for that.

Mr. Poborsky, I can't say enough good about your sales gentlemen, Mr. Eric Corella. He went out of his way several times to accommodate our needs and answer any questions that we may have had. If he did not know the answers he would do the research and get us the answer. He is a very straight forward no nonsense kind of guy. He is not a BS kind of salesman, which we had several of them to deal with through the pricing process. I feel that I have gained a friendship through buying this truck.

Also, I have the utmost respect for the rest of your staff, from the lady that answers the phone, to Bern in the Engineering Dept., to Woody in the Service Dept. and all of the GapVax staff that I have dealt with so far. They have been super to deal with. I feel that you have a very talented team of individuals in your entire facility. I am not worried about dealing with your staff in the future because I already know that it will be a pleasant experience.

In closing I do have one bad thing to say and that is that I will not be able to purchase another GapVax for a very long time. This truck is probably going to outlive me. Unfortunately we only have one truck and this one will have to last a long time. I would love to buy one every week if it was up to me.

Keep up the good work and don't skimp on the quality, you guys have a promising future!!!!!

A proud GapVax owner, Thank you for Everything

Mike Flaherty, Advanced Pollution Control

"We suck a lot of fly ash. We wet it down as we are sucking so the fly ash comes out as clay. The water cools the ash and eliminates dust when dumping and prevents burning up the bags. The GapVax separation allows the material to fill the body before getting to the baghouse. The other brands would fill the bags and the trucks would stop sucking -when we got to the dump, there would only be six inches of ash in the body. With GapVax, the cyclones and the air flow help fill the body and the bags last longer. The GapVax is built really well. We also keep our trucks well maintained. In 25 years with GapVax, we’ve had less than an hour of breakdown on a job. They’re dependable as hell. I almost hate selling used trucks because they are just as good 20 years later.

Steve Rogers, Rogers Services

Before buying a GapVax, the hydro excavator brand we were using did not have a baghouse. A few times a year we would have to rent a bag house unit to perform dry vacuum jobs. Now we can perform hydro excavation and dry vacuum jobs with the same truck and don't have the costs involved in renting.

The simple design of the GapVax unit has led to more up time than other brands we have run. The simplicity also allows for easier trouble shooting if something goes wrong.

Ron Bartley, Warrick Operations

We took delivery of 3 GapVax trucks in December 2014. 2 - HV34 ‘s and an HV55. The trucks are used daily and are holding up really good in our harsh conditions. The trucks arrived on time and the trainer did a great job training our crew.

The technical support has also been very supportive. I would definitely recommend these Gap Vax trucks.

Thank you!


Ecotech Hydro Excavation specializes in Hydro and Air Excavation throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Leveraging precision, safety, and efficiency, Ecotech is your excavation solutions partner. Our policy is to reach for the highest level of safety while complying with government health, safety laws, and regulations.

GapVax has engineered the world’s most advanced vacuum trucks and equipment. Ecotech relies on their reliable, superior, and high-performance solutions to drive innovation and operations. Ecotech trucks offer two distinct features including a large volume vacuum to remove water and debris and a high pressure water pump. Echotech uses both the HV-55 and HV-56 GapVax Hydro Excavators, Giant 2900 PSI / 19 GPM water pumps, and the Hibon 5,300 CFM 27" Hg Vacuum Blower.

"GapVax offers the best trucks available on the market," said Blake Huber, President at Ecotech, Inc. "They are built tough, ensure smooth operational readiness with minimal downtime, and provide us with the versatility to excavate with both air and water.”

In addition to their broad line of industry-leading Hydro and Air Excavation equipment, GapVax provides unparalleled customer service to accommodate the needs of their customers. We are proud to partner with GapVax.

D & B Service Rental Co

D & B Rental Service currently operates seven 2013 Peterbilt, GapVax HV-57 Series units, often called "Super Suckers." These run around the clock to tackle the toughest, dirtiest jobs the oilfield has to offer; including cleaning solids, oil based cuttings, and mud out of mud tanks, cleaning out frac tanks, cellars, and cleaning up oil spills.

Not only does this GapVax pull 2,700 CFM, with the highest velocity blower and vane pump, it can even blow off material. The sludge pump allows it to offload solids easier than ever. All of that, together with the capacity to hold 70 barrels of mud, sand, or whatever else needs to sucked up makes for one remarkable machine.

Our GapVax paired up with our high pressure wash units and top performing wash crews, make for a dynamic duo to provide only the best washing service to the oil industryin all of Texas and Louisiana.

Richard Young, Hydro Spy

Hydro Spy LLC has tried several of the major brands of hydro excavators, but our equipment of choice is the GapVax HV-56 hydro excavator. We learned early on that to compete in this industry, you need two things: great people and quality equipment that performs the same way every day, on every jobsite, without frequent mechanical or electronic failures. That's where GapVax gives us a competitive advantage. Their hydro excavation packages provide the water capacity, volume and psi needed to excavate safely and efficiently in any environment; and their vacuum loaders have the power, versatility and stability that our service brand is built upon and that our customers expect. The blower configurations on these trucks don't choke under pressure, and their filtration system allows us to excavate wet or dry material without jeopardizing the operation of the truck. That's a big, big deal in this industry, especially when the demands of work-in-progress call for a brief or permanent switch from wet to dry material.

A standard first question from many of our new clients is," What kind of trucks do you run?" When we tell them GapVax, that gets the mud rolling.

To me, this epitomizes the major difference between GapVax and other manufacturers. GapVax does not just build to sale; they build to suit. The company has a long history of tweaking their systems to accommodate the needs of customers out in the trenches, which leads to continual improvements in design, performance, versatility, and ease of operation and maintenance. GapVax listens to what their customers are experiencing and suggesting, and the end result is quality equipment that delivers according to everyone's expectations.

Randall Johnson, Gap PEC

We are an industrial service company in business since 1977. During the past 32 years we have worked for a variety of steel companies and currently have been providing all the vacuum and water blasting services for U.S. Steel, Edgar Thomson plant and the Irvin Plant in PA for the past 19 years.

During this time we have owned and operated different models of vacuum trucks from Supersuckers, Guzzlers, and GapVax's. Currently, we now operate 44 GapVax units only.

Over the years we have replaced the other models for the following reasons:

  • Wet or dry vacuuming with no filter change over.
  • Dry filtration: truck design with cyclone enables longer filter life and increased productivity.
  • Reduced maintained cost. We tracked a 7 year old unit for three years and our maintenance cost was $4.72 per truck hour of operation including parts and labor.
  • Longer life of the units. Currently, in front line service we have units 15 years old.
  • Ease of operation: These units are just simple to operate.
  • Offloading: with the full open tailgate, and large chute door it enables the truck to off load completely and also provides good access for cleaning out all areas of the unit.
  • Options: Other than a standard truck they can provide almost any type of option that you would want and we have most of them on different units.
Ed Morgan, Southern Hydro Vac

Guy, Tim and I appreciate the opportunity to do business with GapVax, Inc. and anticipate a long term relationship. In addition, we are all looking forward to visiting your facilities and various job sites. I believe that we are just in the advent of hydrovac excavation technology and as time, application and ingenuity permit, it will be viewed as one of the most innovative and safe methods of excavation. We are excited to play a part toward success. Incidentally, all of us here have found your staff to be extremely informative and educated on performance and capability as well as application considerations. Out of all of the sales and support staffs that we've met during our entire truck selection process, I think that you have surrounded yourself with some of the finest personnel. They have each played an important part in our decision to go with GapVax.

Jann Ritchie, Senior Collections System Operator

In 2005, the IEUA's Board of Directors approved the purchase of the Agency's new combination truck to be used by the collections Crew Staff for sewer line cleaning and many of the Agency's Plant Maintenance projects. The bid was awarded to GapVax. GapVax, a manufacturing company was known world wide and the second largest producer of industrial vacuum trucks in the Continental United States, is located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

The town of Johnstown, which was founded in 1800 and is approximately 70 miles east of Pittsburgh, became a thriving industrial community late in the century when modernized steel production in its mills was producing millions of tons of steel for railroad, warships, bridges, and the common nail. In fact, the first steel rails for the railroads were rolled in a Johnstown steel mill. Today, many of the steel and coal industries have left the Johnstown area, but the pride and craftsmanship is still very apparent.

The Agency's new combination truck, which was designed specifically for IEUA, has two distinct features, the ability to vacuum water and debris and a high pressure water pump. The 2,000 PSI pump supplies and 800' x 1" hose with 80 gallons of water per minute which goes through a cleaning nozzle. The cleaning nozzles are configured with different size orifices in a variety of set patterns. Specific nozzles are then selected to meet each unique cleaning situation. This truck has the ability to vacuum up to 1,000 gallons per minute and can pick up this water and over 100 feet vertically.

The truck is equipped with the largest positive displacement rotary vacuum pump in the industry. This pump produces 27" of mercury (The largest vacuum suction available in the industry) and moves 4,500 cubic feet of air per minute. The truck is also equipped with a debris tank that holds 10 cubic yards and a 1,500 gallon water tank, both of which are integrated into one tank and constructed with stainless steel.

Two of IEUA's employees had the privilege of visiting the GapVax facility this past December. They toured the plant to see the production process and the progress of the Agency's vehicle. They were then asked to make any final decisions before the truck was taken for final assembly and to be painted. The collections crew personnel were truly impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the product and you can be assured that this new piece of equipment will be a great benefit to the Agency for many years to come.

Aspen Times

VAIL - A rolling behemoth of a shop-vac could be the thing that saves Black Gore Creek, a stream along I-70 polluted with traction sand.

They call it the GapVax. It's a bright orange monster truck that the Colorado Department of Transportation bought to clean up tons of sand spread on slippery highways during the winter. The sand seeps into Black Gore Creek below the highway, smothers insects, harms fish and eventually settles in Gore Creek, the trout stream that flows through Vail.

The GapVax will make sand pickup much easier for the department of transportation, which has been criticized for its cleanup efforts. The Eagle River Watershed Council, an environmental watchdog group, has often said the department of transportation - CDOT - has been slow to clean out sediment basins along I-70.

"We're glad to see CDOT take more active roles in cleaning traction sand," said Maria Pastore, acting director of the Eagle River Watershed council. "This should have a huge impact and let them pick up things they haven't been able to pick up in the past."

The impressive thing for many people is the GapVax's power. It has the ability to lift 8-inch rocks 60 feet vertically, which shows it should be more than able to handle the dense, debris-filled muck that can make cleanup so difficult.

"It just has more vacuum power than anything else we have, which will be a valuable tool for cleaning up the sand along the shoulders, in and around guardrails and in our sediment ponds along the highways," said Ken Wissel, CDOT's deputy maintenance superintendent for the region.

The vacuum's power is particularly important to the watershed council, which funded an unsuccessful attempt to suck sand out of Black Gore Creek in 2005. Basically, the equipment being used was underpowered and couldn't handle the sticks and debris in the river.

"This should be able to get mass amounts of traction sand in one swoop," Pastore said.

The GapVax is the first vacuum truck purchased by CDOT exclusively for sand clean-up. It cost more than $400,000.

While Black Gore Creek will benefit from the truck, CDOT has to share the wealth. The GapVax will also be used on Straight Creek west of the Eisenhower Tunnel and near Berthoud Pass.

"As long as we can get enough time on Vail Pass, it should help a lot," said Anne Esson, a long time member of the Black Gore Creek steering committee, a part of the watershed council.

Cleanup work with the GapVax should begin in May.

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